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Manufacturer Of Metal Pallet Racks

We are manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty metal pallet racks used for racking and storage solution

Industrial Racking And Storage Solutions

Manufacturer and supplier of long lasting steel racks used for heavy duty industrial racking and storage solutions

Palletized Racks For Racking Solution

Manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of Heavy duty and medium duty pallet racks used for various racking and storage solutions

Industrial Storage Solution Products

A Leading manufacturer in India for various products used for Light , medium and Heavy Duty Industrial torage System

Complete Storage Solution Under A Established Brand Of GIRAFFE

Metal Pallet Racks manufactured Under Giraffe Brand Name

Metal Pallet racks : We are manufacturer for Metal pallets racks for various storage solution. The metal pallet racks are the most commonly used in palletized racking system for heavy duty racking and storage system adapted by most industries. METAL PALLET RACKS provides the racking storage solution for heavy duty storage racks in warehouses and industrial racking system. Metal pallet racks provides the palletized racking system storage solution for various storage requirements in industries and warehouses with maximum storage density and durability.
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Leaders In Designing & Construction Of Rack Supported Warehouses

Conventional warehouses is being replaced by  rack supported warehouses  these are the most common warehouses in use for warehouses. Rack Supported Warehouses consist of skeleton frame of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams constructed in a rectangular grid to support the roof and walls that are attached to the frame. The structure is then equipped with free standing palletized rack  for storage of materials. Rack supported warehouses provide higher storage density for all storage solution in a warehouses and is comparatively economical  for storage and shelving solutions.
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Storage Racking Product "Stackable Racks"  For Modular Storage Solution

To provide modular storage solution  Dewas Techno Products Pvt Ltd (India) has launched various types of stackable racks for racking solution. Pallet racks are excellent storage solution when the requirements is fixed and predictable. When storage requirements are not fixed and is constantly varying STACKABLE RACKS provides the best storage solution as a modular racking solutions which are not possible with pallet racks to meet the storage and racking solutions. Stackable Racks provides the best modular storage solution for various storage requirements in industries and warehouses with maximum storage density.
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Metal Pallet Racks

Metal Pallet Racks For Palletized Racking & Shelving Solution

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Metal Pallet Racking System
We are metal pallet racks manufacturer for heavy duty and medium duty Metal Pallet Racking Solution, We also manufacturer custom metal pallet rack specification as per the storage requirement of the client.

Drive In Rack

Drive in / Drive Thru heavy Duty Racks Industrial Storage Solution

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Drive In Racks System
We are drive in racks manufacturer in india with established brand of Giraffe providing drive in racks and drive in pallet racks for heavy and medium duty drive in pallet racking storage solutions. Suitable for Industrial Storage Solution

Stackable Racks

Racking With Stackable Racks For Modular Storage System

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Modular Racking System
Manufacturer & provider of Stackable racking solution also termed as Modular Racking Solution, providing the optimum storage density of floor space for storage with flexible storage space for products with use of stackable racks